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LA Translation and Interpretation, Inc. offers accurate interpreting services for successful communication.  Our certified interpreters are available for business meetings, legal depositions and court trials, medical appointments, government agencies, schools, businesses, international conferences, and tours.


Though mainly based in Los Angeles, our agency's wide network of interpreters will still be able to assist you if you require an interpreter anywhere else. Also, if traveling, an interpreter can be booked to follow you anywhere for any amount of time, given travel and per diem be covered.


To schedule an interpreter, please call or e-mail us, or fill out our appointment form.

Court Certified Interpreter

Court interpreting requires rigorously trained interpreters. Our court certified interpreters work in attorney-client meetings, depositions, trials, arbitration, and mediations, for both criminal and civil cases.  We also provide interpreters for immigration and citizenship interviews.


To be able to work inside a courthouse, an interpreter must be certified through the Court of California. To get certified, an interpreter must pass a written and verbal test. For more information about becoming a court certified interpreter, click here.


Our simultaneous interpeting service is in high demand at business meetings and international conferences, as well as community meetings. Where there are more than 20 people who are more comfortable with their native language than with English, it is a good idea to provide simultaneous interpreting services.


Meetings can proceed seemlessly as the translation is done simultaneously. The attendees can hear through wireless receivers, which will not disturb other participants. Consecutive interpreting, having an interpreter speak in turn with the presenter, takes double the time, and bothers native speakers.


We provide a comprehensive package for these events.  We have a pool of well trained simultaneous interpreters, and we also provide all the necessary equipment: soundproof glass tabletop booth, transmitter, interpreter’s console, and receivers. Silencer microphones are also available for smaller settings. Our equipment can accomodate up to 16 languages at a time and an audience of up to 10,000 non-native speakers. 


We provide regular services to UCLA, USC, FBI, and Consulate General of Mexico, among others.


Certified Medical Interpreter

For medical examinations and surgeries it is wise to have medical certified interpreters. 


LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation is a school that trains interpreters to become nationally certified.  For more information, please refer to our school page.


Let us interpret for your business meetings, tours, interviews, or whatever else that may be hindered by language barriers.


Be assured, our agency only sends out the best interpreters available. When calling to schedule your interpeter, please let us know what industry or topic you are working with, and we will try to get the best interpreter for the job.

Our interpreters' background range from engineers, lawyers, teachers, professors, scientists.


Phone Interpreting

We can connect you to an interpreter over the phone or through video communication.


Please schedule in advance.

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